Friday, 22 October 2010

priming the pump

Having at last reached half-term - I'm not teaching again until 1 November - and using yesterday for doctor visits, I am at last ready to make something.

So, I have all sorts of things in mind to make, but what to start with? To keep from wasting the day with a "day off" feel, I decided to just get something out and get a start.

One of the things I am considering for the project the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt group is doing with the museum is based on some doll corsets. The ideas coming to mind have to do with more twin needle cording which I have used in various ways in the past. So, today I got out several pieces of stripe fabric that I collected with the idea of using the twin needle technique.

the blue one has been done already
and armed with a selection of audio books

I have recently discovered Wodehouse...hilarious!

I set up my machine and the tape player before going off for a blood test

and then when I got back set to at the project.
Some fabrics are easier than others,
so that will help me decide what type of thing to go with
when I am ready to work on the project.

These will be great for samples for the students when I talk about creating texture with fabrics. and for now they have served to prime the pump. By this evening, I am ready to do something else entirely! So, I should be able to get a start on one of the projects which have a much closer deadline.

While I am off for half-term, I want to try to get into some sort of habit which I can use on Thursday and Friday during term time to actually get my own art work or garments done. Although I teach Mon and Wed evening, both of those days are taken up with preparing for the classes. Tuesday is recovering from one and storing up energy for the other. But the doctor visit looks like there may be something done at last towards finding out why I am in so much pain all the time.

--Maybe it won't actually go away, but I hope to find a better way to manage it! and having someone validate the way you feel does help with not feeling guilty that I need more time than most to cope with what I do. Perhaps it will also help me be more brave to just say no when it seems the world and it's sister want me to do one more thing!

Stay tuned. I hope to post regularly again, now that I have all the paperwork sorted that goes with beginning the year teaching 2 classes and 2 tasters.

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