Thursday, 24 December 2009

inspiration - up VERY close

The Fast Friday Challenge this past month was based on Micro inspired art. Looking at small parts of things very close and changing the scale. We are also to use paint effects.

I am very behind, what with one thing and another, but here is a start on mine, based on microphotographs of agates and other crystals. I started this last night. At the moment, no paint effects or stitch, but there are layers of torn tissue paper which have been applied with acrylic wax. I am trying to get the translucent quality. I did some similar design work back in the day for C+G design principles. It was when the design principles were split up by themes...this was my "landscape" ..stretching it as always! I figured that rocks and stones go to make up the landscape and decided to look very close in stead of at a distance.

Today, as is probably true for most people, was taken up with baking. My husband even got in on it. He decided to make a Christmas pudding himself this year. We are trying an idea from the Internet of steaming in the slow cooker. Smells good round here, but I am tired.

Oh, and there was the matter of a broken tooth, for which I am grateful to have had happen today when the dentist and his crew had not yet gone home! So, he put a temporary bit on, which I hope lasts till the proper FEB!

Parting shot:

We started to put presents under the tree. Pepper remembers and loves the game of taking the paper off her present. We put hers under there and promptly she took up the guard post. It is the round wrapped tin with dog biscuits. Well, the edible Christmas card had to be put up on a branch! She was nearly under the tree!

She has been hanging out with me in the kitchen all day in case there was something to lick or a bit of apple peel or whatever.

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