Monday, 19 March 2018


In January, when InStitches came to the TVCT meeting, I fell in love with their threads. But I didn't have the money. (not that they are expensive, but there were a lot of things to pay for that month.)
Fast forward to Saturday just past. The SAQA area meeting was being held at InStitches Studio. So, I asked them to make sure the threads were out!
and this is what I came home with.
Besides just loving the colours and 'variagatedness', I do have plans for these.
But for a bit I will let them sit and glow at me.


Angie in SoCal said...

Gorgeous colors!

LA Paylor said...

Oh my gosh... yes please... Ill have all those colors! said...

Gorgeous threads.

irene macwilliam said...

I gloat over my threads the way other people gloat over their fabrics.