Monday, 5 March 2018

Paper Fabric

Where is my netting? Have you seen it? Have I loaned you the bag? Given you the bag?
Or I would have at least kept the dress net.

Anyway. I can't find it. Which has been like a hurdle I couldn't get over. So, finally I settled on using this Mystery fabric which I think is really called paper fabric.
For hanging the small works - tan and blue here.
Instead of trying to get umpteen small pieces even and hanging on the wall for my exhibition, I was going to stitch them to net - preferably dress net. I wanted something that didn't read as a background, but blend into the wall a bit. So, now I am going to do it with this stuff instead. As you can see, you can barely see it in one layer. I hope it is strong enough without doubling up, but even then, it will still be better than sewn to plain fabric or calico.

It just needs a press. Which I know can be done because I have before. So that is today's agenda and seeing how it holds up and starting the stitching.
About time, too, as I need to do the hanging on Friday!

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