Wednesday, 28 March 2018

on Monday

On Monday I went up to Lady Sew and Sew to spend the afternoon demoing Free Machine Embroidery. Sort of meet the artist, but it had been a second thought when I was setting up, and I was asked to come. Mostly I sat and made patterns on my fabric!
The heating was not working and I was lucky to sit near the temporary one they had set up for the shop. I forgot to take a photo until I was nearly packed up!

I did get to speak to several customers.
One man, whose daughters(wife and daughter?) were in full burka, was very interested in the work. Eventually he had the ladies come over to speak to me about how they were done. The one in particular was fascinated by what I was doing on the machine. I gave her the leaflet about the next beginner embroidery class on the 23 April. Not sure she will come to this one, but maybe in the future. And if the dad/husband is already behind the idea, maybe more possible?

Besides the textile art pieces, the Dragon Gown and the Heat and the Flame Gown are on display. I realised I had never got a good photo of the Heat and the Flame, so here they are.

And in the centre between is a dummy with a 'gown' draped straight from the bolt, by Sarah Blundel. Something to perhaps inspire the customers.  You can see on the left that the bolt is still on the back of the gown. Clever!

I was told that 2 large coach groups had come to visit - particularly to see the exhibition. So that was good!
The exhibition finishes the 30th March. But because of the Easter weekend, I won't be taking it down til Tuesday, the 3rd April.

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