Thursday, 8 March 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

OK. This one is a bit different.
The boiler broke. It has been threatening. I am SO thankful it didn't break in the depths of cold last week.
So, the old boiler is being replaced because it can't be fixed. This, of course, involves wide open doors, because it seems the boiler guys are unable to even push them to.

What I do like? VERY, very Thankful for:
This in my studio
and one similar in the lounge where the Thoughtful Man is working from home and reassuring the dog from all the strange noises.

This in the dining room to keep the temp at least above 15°C.
I have brought my teapot through here because the cold in the kitchen/dining room hurts too much.

This in the hall...
Maybe to heat the outdoors? no I think to make some advance to heating upstairs when someone does push the door to.

And because we had to clear things away from the radiators...including reshuffling in my studio
I am thankful for the Thoughtful Man who can shift boxes and climb under desks and so on.

AANNDD...because of the shuffling, I found the net! It was nicely tidied into a plastic container on a shelf in the cupboard.
momentarily on the floor
Who would have thought!😇😏

So, I am glad we have water today, because we didn't yesterday. And I will be very glad tonight because we are promised heat.

To see what the others like today, go to LeeAnna's blog for the links.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
Brrrrrrrrr. I can just feel all the cold scooting around into all the nooks and crannies of your home. I hope it all fixed now and the heat is restored. Thankfully, it was not in the depths of a huge cold wave when the boiler decided to heave its last breath. Yay for finding the netting! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sally Hurley said...

Oh, I feel for you. I went through something similar years ago when the boiler cracked. Huzzah for heat (we had our own recent run-in of one heat-less night. Brr!).

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Home maintenance is such an adventure! Glad to hear it all got fixed And you are warm again!

LA Paylor said...

How nice you have a thoughtful man... he looks VERY handsome under the table helping you. Helping a woman is a very handsome trait!
Finding lost stuff! Rheema said same like today! LeeAnna

Angie in SoCal said...

Praise be you now have heat. I am thankful our heat pumps work! Blessings,

Michele McLaughlin said...

Glad you have heat again! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

Shannon said...

Well the boiler dying seems like a pretty wretched thing, but it sounds like you found some silver linings. And it is always nice to literally find previously lost things in the shuffle! said...

Oh no! That is terrible and I guess it is better than the week before.