Saturday, 24 March 2018

Something on Saturday

This week even doing 'not much' has not been very easy. As they say a 'flare up'. But I wouldn't actually be able to tell you when I had a 'flare down'. 😕
But anyway, I have done a bit of mending, which means some clothing in piles are now ready to be worn and I even have the ironing already done - even the things I hadn't done for a while. So, progress and some spaces. Which is a good thing. 😊

Cow 62
Another mug -this one is china
It's a bit serious, but a sub collection is cows with calves.
Besides, it is china. good for mint tea when you need it.


Celia Darbyshire said...

Sorrry to hear about the flare up.look after yourself and take it as easy as you can!

LA Paylor said...

my calves are too big (for tall boots) LOL
Yours are just right, I like that row along the bottom of the cow parade.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Take it easy until you feel better! Great mug!