Monday, 5 February 2018

white amarylis

The white amarylis has been in full bloom. The others all are just the leaves now.
Loved this look with the morning sun on it.

The base had seemed very tight and it took ages for that stem to grow. No leaves have started coming, either, except just poking up. Then another little green bit started poking up. But weeks later, they were still the same. It seemed they were stuck. The bulb was very tight at the top point where the layers of growth had shown.
So, a few weeks ago I cut into the area around the top of the bulb a bit to make tabs of the layers to see if I could give it more room. And now it looks like the second green bit was another flower stem waiting to grow. So, today I cut most of the old stuff back to give the flower shoot and the leaves more room.

So, this is a long lasting flower saqa. Perhaps the second one will be open around Easter, unless it grows faster than the first stem. It looks a bit Easterish, being white.

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