Thursday, 15 February 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

One thing I like to do is this:
Set the table when I empty the dishwasher. OK, it isn't so far from the cutlery drawer to the table, and even less from the cupboard with the plates. But when you have limited energy, why put them away and then later in the day get them out again?
Besides, the two men that frequent my house don't fret so much about what time dinner is if they come home and see the table is already set! 😁😝

I also like to keep a tablecloth on the table. Not just for protection, but it just looks nice.
The placemats here were made by my Mom. The have teapots on them. Actually, my proper British type placements have teapots, too. The blueish coasters are from that set. But I decided to have a change for a while. I use the wood cutting boards for protection from hot dishes. I did have some hotpads, but one time a metal teapot still made a mark on the wooden table. So, I have used these for many years.
The guest placemat is where I have breakfast, so I use one of the pinkish coasters (with teapots) as extra protection on top of the placemat to put my porridge.

This week I am liking the Winter Olympics and doing handwork. Of course, it comes to evening and I realise I have no time left to blog.

I like the special things the Thoughtful Man does.
The Day Before Valentine's Day!

And then On Valentine's Day we don't join the crowd. Sometimes we go out for lunch - soup and a roll at a little place. Sometimes we wait and do a meal the next day when it is less crowded.
This year, we went to the matinee showing of Early Man, an Aardman film. (Who did Wallace and Gromit.) Very Funny! you do have to know a bit about British Football to get some of the puns, but even if you don't, it is good.
Being the afternoon viewing when schools are on half-term holiday, we thought it would be crowded with children. But the ones who were their were with grandparents or mums all quite well behaved and not too many of them. There was another couple a bit older than us doing the Valentine's Day date at the cinema.

For tea, instead of going out, The Thoughtful Man picked up a couple burgers at the burger van (cool! I just Googled him, thinking someone might have taken a photo, and found he has a facebook site!) down by the shops. Quite good and loads of chips. and I didn't have to cook!

And basically, I like the Thoughtful Man! Very much. 💖

To see what the others like today, go to Lee Anna's blog for the links.


Jocelyn Thurston said...

I get a bit ahead of myself too with preparations for meals. Set up Hubby's tray as soon as I've cleared the last meal kind of thing. I always keep tablecloths on the dining table.
I love Wallace and Gromit and look forward to seeing Early Man. So clever.
Enjoy your roses!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
Beautiful roses for V Day, and a couple of burgers and chips sounds delicious to me. And, like you said, you didn't have to cook! That's always fab. ~smile~ Roseanne

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Beautiful roses! and your table setting is sweet. mary in Az

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those roses are beautiful - he is definitely a Thoughtful Man! Do you read Carole's blog, From My Carolina Home? She does amazing tablescapes, as she calls them, for holidays and seasons. They're fun to look at!

LA Paylor said...

What a good idea, just set the table from the dishwasher!! And you get to look at pretty dishes. I laughed at the comment, the menfolk don't get as anxious if they see dishes out!! Good man to bring beauty and food to his beloved. Hunter gatherer. I think all of it sounds just cozy and perfect. I might keep a tablecloth on but the table is piled high with life's paperwork and my sewing at the moment. said...

Oh that made me smile....if the table is set they think dinner is soon. You have such a thoughtful man, gorgeous roses! I like Wallace and Grommet, but my grandsons were hooked on Shaun the Sheep when they were little.

Sally Hurley said...

Such beautiful roses. Thoughtful Man sounds like good stuff. :-)

Angie in SoCal said...

You have been blessed to have such a loving husband. Our valentine's day was quiet. We shared a lunch and helped each other with stuff. I helped him with his computer and he helped me with a sudoku number. It's the little things.

Lovely roses.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Lovely roses and your thoughtful man sounds lovely too! Glad you had a special day! I would love to set the table right! I hope you have a great week!