Thursday, 1 February 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

I like my DAB radio. It keeps me going through the day.

Fingers do their thing while the music plays. usually set to UCB2. But when Test Match Special is on in the summer, it is usually tuned to the Cricket.

I like looking out the window to see the 'Woodstock' tree.
I posted this photo around this time in 2015. There is a bit more scruff now- the branches look like when Linus used to pat the birds on the head. But I still am amused when I look out the window and see it there.
Oh, yeah, it is a cherry tree in real life.

To see what the others like today, go to Lee Anna's blog for the links.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
That does look like the Linus/Woodstock tree. Do you get lots of cherries from it? Maybe you could make some chocolate covered ones and send them over to Michele who loves them! I'll bet fresh cherries covered in chocolate would be fabulous . . . I listen to the radio all day at work, too. My radio is tuned to WLS which was one of the stations I could get in on my 1970 Maverick (my first car). They play 'classics' now which means an oldie station. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandy said...

Hi Roseanne,
The cherry tree is more like a flowering cherry - not meant to have meaningful cherries. This one gets cherries not much bigger than the stone inside. But it is good for the birds! It is on he other side of the fence behind our back garden/yard.
We do have a small one we planted in our back garden. It is still thinking about being productive. We had more than a handful last year.
So, the bird cherry tree works for keeping them off of our tree!

Sally Hurley said...

Love that tree!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I think trees are just as beautiful in winter as they are when full of leaves! How nice to have one that will feed the birds, too. That looks like a really neat radio - my hubby just bought a new one that is similar and uses it a lot! said...

Oh the woodstock tree is fabulous. I had to go look up what a DAB radio was. Once upon a time I lived in a house that there were huge oaks outside. Anyway I loved looking at the branches through the sheer curtains. I always wanted to take pictures of them at different times during the day, the way the sunlight played on them, the curtains diffusing, the different background colors of the sky.

PugMom said...

What a beautiful tree. Looking forward to reading more!

Michele said...

truly a wonderful tree

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Hi Sandy, Have you followed the royal visit to Norway...I have. I thought Kate wore the most beautiful dress to the banquet. She certainly does England (and the Commonwealth) proud. Meanwhile, I love podcasts while stitching. I learn so much.

LA Paylor said...

I adore a cherry tree. Especially a weeping cherry... always wanted one. There are just about NO trees here and trees hold history along with beauty. I sketched my view of my neighbor's two trees because I expected him to take them down too. You listen to cricket? oh my... does your mind wander? I love listening to books on disc but sometimes my mind does wander if I'm creating.