Monday, 26 February 2018

Bead on - 18-24 Feb

week 8 - 2018

Apologies for the delay on posting this! I didn't get time for the photos til today.

daily beading on squares

I didn't get started on the 3rd length of the Triple St Petersburg chain trim. But to give you something more to look at -

This is fabric I got at Lady Sew and Sew when I was there teaching on Tues. The dark brown is another colourway that goes with this fabric, which I used for buildings in a project that still has to remain secret.
If I want to do more buildings, then here it is already to help give more depth...or something.
I didn't have a lot of money with me (on purpose!) so I only got a long quarter piece.
The orange is meant for a possible idea for recording/commemorating another story about a people group. There was one or two versions of the fabric with squares that I am using for the daily bead. But they weren't really what I thought I wanted. So, I will see what I think about this, and if not, I might get some of the other when I am back there to hang my exhibition.

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