Thursday, 22 February 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

I had a full day of teaching on Tuesday. I like seeing how people go from no clue about free motion work to being confident enough to embellish fabric. I will be showing some of the examples tomorrow. I also like that I am able to learn something, too.
Each time I teach this I have to get to figure out how to use machines I am unfamiliar with. It takes a while, but usually with the machine booklet, the student's experience with it and alot of 'what if', we manage.
success for this student and for me!
But this time, one of the ladies was having alot of problems getting her machine tensions right just so she could start working on the technique. I usually can get things sorted with just the top tensions. But this one wanted the bottom tension tweaked. This is much easier on a front loading bobbin, but this machine has a drop in bottom. I was saying to the students that I think I need a course on sewing machine mechanics! I don't really like to go too far with messing with someone else's machine. But eventually I got brave enough to dig around and learned how to adjust the tension on top loading machines! Or at least that one.

I like that teaching gives me a real buzz and I can keep going for doing much more than I usually can do. However, I also have to keep in mind recovery for a few days after. Yesterday was not good at all, so I watched Winter Olympics like a couch potato.
I like Winter Olympics! Particularly the Ice Skating and the Curling. But I also like some of the more extreme sports like snowboard and skiing jumps and things. I got interested when my son was younger and watched X Games.

This is a random photo of whatever was on telly at the time so I could put it in this post.
Today I am feeling alot better, but have a dull headache. So, here is another like - the chair table the Thoughtful Man gave me for Christmas.
It means I can still watch the Winter Olympics and use the laptop here in the lounge.

Forgot this bit:
To see what the others like today, go to Lee Anna's blog for the links.


LA Paylor said...

yea! you made it through the week! Rest and know you opened up a world to students, they are not resting today, but sewing their hearts out with new techniques!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
Congrats to you for successfully adjusting that ladies sewing machine. I do not blame you - I would not want to mess around with the tension on someone's machine. I am happy to see you are enjoying the Olympics! They are for such a short time - I also enjoy curling. And your blackwatch plaid lap desk is just the best! I use one all the time - eating dinner on it, supporting my laptop, writing. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I wish I could take a class from you! Have "tried" free motion quilting, but do have troubles with the tension. Good for you to be able to figure out someone else's machine!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Rest up this week, hope you are feeling 100 percent soon! I can't imagine teaching a sewing class and having to help with people's machines. It's just not my thing. So good for you for tackling it! Have a great day and get rest!

Angie in SoCal said...

What a brave lady you are. I have enough trouble with the tension on my 4 machines that I would dread trying to fix someone else's. Feel better soon.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

That is marvelous that you figured out the tension...always a bit of challenge for me even on my own machine. Meanwhile the Olympics have been wonderful for tv veiwing esp. the figure skating for us. Hope you feel completely back to your old self soon. said...

Like your chair table. Some days we just need a time out to veg.

Sally Hurley said...

Gah! Tweaking bobbin tension on a machine that isn't yours. That's brave all the way around! What a fun thing to teach, though.

Hope you feel better soon.