Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sewing Large

The 'new' quilt...
well I left you in limbo. I  have been working on it!

  I have been trying to do this 'pacing' thing that the physio and pain management team talk about. You think you are doing it, and then you find actually, you are trying to keep going regardless...again. The physio is helping alot! But now it is down to me to do the homework.
So, when I start realising I am beginning to twist around to stop my back hurting so much, I realise,  'Oh. My back is hurting.'  This may seem obvious. But when you have been trying to ignore pain for years because you have been told rub something like Deep Heat on it - or - there is nothing they can do about it - or - it is part of fibromyalgia...well.  You have to relearn to listen to the messages about the pain.
All that to say, I have been trying to stop and do something like reading and in a different chair. And when I start reading. I am gripped. Not much getting back on the computer!

So, enough moaning. 😐


One change I made on the patches for the Sewing Large piece was to pink the edges.
It is not only neater, but actually gives a bit more interest to the whole than a straight edge. This was a little surprise. I like it!

Next step: the needle
Back when I made the first in this series, I took photos of different needles. Then I enlarged them bigger and bigger.
This is a print out of the enlarged needle I am going to try to reproduce for this work. (print out laying on the quilt).

More next week.

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