Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Last year my sister-in-law gave us an amaryllis that had been living in it's box for more than a year in her garage. It has been a gift from someone, but she doesn't like them.
I do.

So, the poor thing had tried to flower in the box, the stems with buds had grown about 4 inches and dried up like husks. I watered it and the leaves grew last year. So, I knew it was still full of life, though a bit mixed up. After the leaves finished, I put it all back in its box to hibernate.
Then when it was about the beginning of November, I got it out and began watering it. I wasn't sure where it might think it was in the cycle, so was very pleased that it grew flower stems again.

So pleased that I bought a few more colours at Aldi when they started having them! And now the flowers have opened on the first one.
There are 2 stems and 4 flowers on each. Well, there were 4 coming, but I went to turn it like you are meant to for the sun, and one broke off. 😞 Currently it is continuing having been stuck in the side of the pot. Anyway, as you can see, the flower is beautiful. Can't wait till they all open!

And the other plants have begun to send up green points. Not sure whether they will just be leaves or also flowers. One is deep red. Another is the opposite to this one, red with white. and then I went back down and bought a white one, too, to get the full compliment. In theory, they are meant to open by Christmas.

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