Thursday, 30 November 2017

I like Thankful Thursday

Today I am not here. I am having a pain block procedure on my back.

from hospital website
However, that is a glad thing. I am glad for all the things that fell in place, a few years ago, to be referred to the pain clinic. I hadn't realised it was an option but through one thing and another, it came to be. And I think if I had been able to get someone to do something more for me, it might not have happened because at the time the hospital authority I was under didn't do that. But, that changed and it meant I was now under a different hospital catchment which extended further south to an area that has a pain clinic.
And so they have been helping and this is one hope that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Another like having to do with this, is that the hospital has a little charity bookshop. (It is just to the right of the glass doors on the photo above.)
So, when I go back and forth for appointments, I usually stop in. I bring what I have read back with me the next time!I picked up quite a few when I had my physio appointment last week. What I like is that sometimes you can get quite a few books in a series by the same author.
Looking forward to reading these while I am resting up.
Another time I found one by an author, that I hadn't read yet. I had been looking for some time. Yes, I could buy them, but usually it is just something I want to read, not necessarily want to own.
One of my favourite authors is Lindsey Davis who writes about a detective in ancient Rome. I just finished reading one the other day. A couple weeks ago I finished one she had written about Vespasian's life...really about the life of his love Caenis. A Course of Honour builds a wonderful story from this account; "A tantalising half-sentence in Suetonius’ biography says that after his wife died, Vespasian ‘took up again with Caenis, his former mistress and one of Antonia’s freedwomen and secretaries, who remained his wife in all but name even when he became Emperor’." a phrase from the webpage about the book on Lindsey Davis site.

On Saturday I met up with sewing friends at my friend Gabrielle's. I took the camera, but forgot to get it out!
However, I met one friend, Annette, who I hadn't seen for sometime. It was nice to catch up with her.
As is usual at most sewing meetings, someone wants to get rid of books or something. So, I came home with these. A few might be for possible students as a resource.
Also the wooly polyester thread to try on the overlocker.
But the fabrics in front and the elephant panel in the back were a gift from another lady. The panel from India she didn't want... "I have already made something from the rest and I don't have a need for anything else with elephants". However, the wonderful sunprints were pieces she picked up on a recent holiday in Africa for me! I think Zambia. How nice that she thought of me. 😊

Speaking of which gifts from sewing friends, a few months ago at one of the meetings (we meet at the Community Centre, bringing our projects to work on. Sewing machines and the like.) where there is often a lot of unrelated chat, we somehow began to talk about pressure cookers. I haven't used one since I was living at home, and then I think I really wasn't involved. Because I hadn't really learned all the nuances of pressure and wobbling thingys on top, I just wasn't confident about it. So, in the discussion they said the new ones were much more user friendly, and in fact, you could get ones that had buttons to set time and pressure and so on, then it got on with it. If there was anything not quite right, it goes to keep warm setting and cools down a great deal.
So, I thought. OK, I need one of those.
Then Margot said she had one in her garage she didn't want. She had bought a smaller one, because the other was too big for her small kitchen. Did I want it?
Are you sure?!!
Well, I would only eventually toss it. Someone should get use out of it.
So, I have been making use of it ever since. It was Very Helpful with the sweet potatoes and then potatoes when I made a Thanksgiving meal that had been ordered by a Certain Young Man who came home for it at the weekend. I didn't have to watch they didn't boil over or try to fit everything I was making onto 4 hobs at once.

OK. more on the like side of things next week! If you are interested, you can see what others have said, over at LeeAnna's blog.


LA Paylor said...

oh so many likes. I have never used a pressure cooker but you make me want one. So excited for your list of books, love to find a series so I can wallow in all the books at once!! LeeAnna

Michele McLaughlin said...

I've been thinking of a pressure cooker, glad you like yours!!! Hope your pain blocker goes well. Thinking of you...

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
I hope your pain block procedure is going well on your back. Anything to eliminate pain I think is a good thing. It has to impact you in so many areas of your life. Gentle {{hugs}} for a speedy recovery and a successful procedure. Our hospital has a similar book shop. It is fabulous to be able to try out a new author at no expense. I totally understand the want to read vs. want to own theory! I have been leaning toward the eBooks lately but still have a whole room of bookcases and books at the front of my home. It would be an office but it has been used for tutoring kiddos. Those are some nice goodies from your sewing meeting! And that pressure cooker - I recall the wobbly thing as a child on my mom's cooker. I have never tried to use one - they look scary - but of course the newer ones may not be at all now. I look forward to hearing your likes next week and that you are no longer in pain. ~smile~ Roseanne

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Hi I just saw your post on Lee Anna's blog. It's fun. You have generous friends! I hope your pain block went well. It would scare me. Best wishes. mary in Az

Sally Hurley said...

Mmmm...books. Hope the pain block procedure goes well!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Funny you should be chatting about pressure cookers...with friends yesterday we also had a talk about them. People mentioned being afraid of explosions but the new ones are fool proof.
Modern medicine is definitely something to be thankful for and hope it is helping you; I am sorry to hear you have chronic pain.
I love those little hospital shops; you never know what you will find. I no longer collect books so passing them around is great.

LA Paylor said...

oh dear, I left a comment and it didn't go through?

Michele said...

Ooh, I love Lindsey Davis. I'll have to look up Margaret Frazer. said...

Looks like some great books. Hope the pain clinic works. Great fabrics. I have a Instant Pot---pressure cooker, slower cooker, rice cooker. It is fabulous.

Sandy said...

Sorry everyone. I had to go on Comment Moderation because I was getting loads of spam. Thanks for the comments and I am already beginning to have a good result for my back. Now to ease in gently.