Thursday, 16 November 2017

CQ Suitcase Collection: My Favourite Author

This coming Saturday at the TVCT meeting, we will be viewing the current CQ Suitcase collection. The theme is My Favourite Author. You may remember my piece inspired by Escher.

The Suitcase arrived yesterday, and today I have been discovering what is there. There is a print out with the image of each quilt and the artist statement, so I don't have to handle the quilts. But there are white gloves should I need to.
Pretty amazing that with 64 pieces, there are only 13 Artists for whom there is more than one work! For me, that shows the wide range of knowledge the CQ members have for artists. Many of these artists I have never heard of, or only vaguely remember hearing of.

Fascinating, but makes running an activity about curating or being a juror that much harder! So, I am glad I left several days so I can ponder. I think I have to do research.

It would seem a good question would be to ask something like, "Do you think the work is 'inspired by' or is 'derivative'.
ooooo Dangerous discussion if the Contemporary Quilt artist in question might be at the meeting! 😱 (in spite of the popularity of this type of emoji, there was no one who chose Edvard Munch)

Sorry, sidetracked! But if I ask them to compare a work from this collection with the Artist inspiration, I will need to have images of the inspiring artist's work. Yes, some might recognise names like Picasso or van Gogh and their work, but like me, some might not have heard of the artist in question.

Anyway! making a start. Somehow an idea will present itself. Maybe we will just do a quiz?

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