Wednesday, 25 October 2017

more on the new one

So, bobbinwork.
This is not so hard - other than the technical aspect of working out how your machine can do it - when you are working from the back and following a design there. Sometimes stitching through something like paper or soluble film or fabric that has the design drawn on it.

But, what I wanted to do was stitch squares onto the front using bobbinwork.

I first tacked them on, this would at least hold the squares in the right place. But as my tacking wasn't exactly parallel from the edge of the square, I was concerned that my stitching would be randomly all over the place.
So, I also pinned at the outside edge of each square. I would be going slow anyway and if the edge of the foot travelled along using the pins as a guide, I shouldn't have much problem with catching pins in the footplate.
And it worked! There was one or two pins I realise had pulled out, so I stopped and rescued them. No big issues.
The one thing which was difficult was getting a 45° corner on the stitching. It had pulled the smaller thread creating 'eyelashes' as it does when you turn corners too quickly when doing free machine embroidery. But there was enough in the large thread tail from the start and end to pull it along and adjust the small thread to make the tension right.

On the front, the stitching is parallel with the edge of the square. and when taking the pins and tacking out, the square looks stitched on with big thread (crochet cotton) that doesn't go through the needle!
The reason I want it to look like big stitching is because I am going to do an enlarged needle like on the first one.

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