Thursday, 19 October 2017

A new starting

Starting on my piece for next year's Stretching Art challenge, called Under Scrutiny.

I am in need of doing something that doesn't take all my energy. So, I thought I would do another Sew Large piece like this one.
H46in x W31in (117cm x 79cm)
I used slivers of fabric to recreate the image of the needle.
“Sew Large” - A closer look at one of the tools of my trade.
A simple hand embroidery needle stuck into a piece of cotton
covered with additional trial samples of cloth.
Any number of these can be found here and there around my studio.

The Stretching Art piece needs to be smaller, and part of the stretching is to try something challenging. So, I thought about using bobbin stitch  - where you work from the back using a larger thread in the bobbin.
Here is a trial (at the top above my order of sequins which came yesterday. Not to be used on this work, just taking one photo for both things!). I adjusted the stitch length and tensions using this thread I already had wound onto a bobbin.

I think it works like I wanted it to. Next step, create the quilt sandwich and figure out where to stitch.

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