Thursday, 26 October 2017

and quilting the new one

So, having solved the issues of sewing from the back for the squares, I realised it would not be easy to do the next step.

The background which the squares are stitched onto, have tone on tone stripes - damask-like. I wanted to stitch with large thread across them. BUT. To do that from the back would be more than my head could manage.
Also, my back is limiting the intricate stuff, even if I sit in my sewing chair for any length of time. My physio is helping me work on that, but at the moment. no.

But. I can sit in the chair in the lounge and stitch without my back hurting. I decided to hand stitch with my chosen threads across the lines of the stripes. And then realised I haven't actually did hand work on a piece like this. Well,  yes the red x's for the 70,273 project. So, for the stretching part, I would have the bobbinwork as well as hand quilted with big stitch.

I have left some space in the centre to put the enlarged needle. I will do that before I finish the rest of the lines. I hope you can click on the photo to see the stitching. I didn't stitch all the lines, only selected ones.
I used variegated yellow and white crochet cotton and a variegated yellow, orange, blue, green (the same I used for the squares.)
So the needle is next.

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