Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Beads and sequins

I had run out of beads for the 'other bead project'. I was using a frosted (which I was calling matt, because they weren't shiny) black size 8 bead for the front. Then, as I realised I was nearing the last of them, thought I would use other black ones.
But the shiny black beads just didn't sit well with the others as the topic was about the abducted Nigerian women. So, I went with size 11 frosted black. But as time went on for those, I realised they weren't covering enough of the fabric or making enough of an impact on the jungle fabric.
The dress before I started adding beads.

The bead vendor I usually buy from at the Festival of Quilts, wasn't there this year. I thought I would be able to visit a few of them at the Knitting and Stitching show. But I realised I was just not well enough to go into London last week. I don't generally order online, but I realised it was the better option anyway...a savings, if you like, because I wouldn't be paying the entry fee nor nearly £25 for the train!

So. I pushed the button on Friday and ordered. One lot from Totally Beads came today. And I am expecting some more thread from another vendor.
Now I can catch up the other bead project. Something I can do in the evening when I have run out of energy for other things.

Speaking of beads...
I suspected I had not quite got the numbers right on the day/date of the daily beads. And especially as I have been posting the recent set from catching up for a few weeks, I realise I am out by about a week.
So, I have gone through to see what is wrong. Oh... in May, I posted only 24! Ok. No worries. I can get the little box with the May beads and matching with the screen, see which ones I hadn't taken photos of.

not as hard as I thought it might be because these were done with the grey fabric and I could match up the dots!
a bit of editing to adjust the numbers - ok alot - but as that is about as much as I can cope with at the moment. (adjusting to medicines)

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