Monday, 10 July 2017

The 70,273 Project - middling quilting

Over the weekend I got the long skinny and the middling both sandwiched (top batting and backing).
I wasn't sure where to get started with the quilting on the long skinny, so I have started with the middling.

For this one, I knew I had to separate the close x's along the overlapping seams. So, I decided to circle them. And then from that idea, it seemed natural to go on and do 'pebble' quilting for the rest.
Middling 1 quilting

In the meanwhile, I am thinking about the long skinny quilting. I don't think I want pebble for that one. For a start, though 15in wide, it is 2 metres long! But also, I think something else will work better.
Still thinking about what, though.

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Paula Kovarik said...

Love the texture you are creating here Sandy. It's a lovely piece.