Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Ramshackle Castles

Today I am parcelling up a new piece to send off.

I showed some detail photos of bits of castles while I was making it. (and also a glimpse of a shortness of brown fabric for the you see how I have sorted it.)

And now Ramshackle Castles has been accepted into SAQA: Made in Europe II. It will be part of the SAQA exhibition at the Festival of Quilts this summer.
This is exciting for me because since SAQA started having exhibitions at FOQ, I have wanted to have my work included. I did have work included in some of the other European venues, but this is the show I take part in!

And the Blurb...
Ramshackle Castles:
Another in my series of Ramshackle Houses exploring community and neighbourhood. The challenge to develop the “Ramshackle look” to depict castles was a great way to take this series further. Each castle was given their own character; using additions and accessories like I do with the houses.

Living in England, I enjoy visiting castle ruins. I love to imagine the lives of those who lived in them.  Quite a different sort of neighbourhood, busy with all the people needed to run a castle.  In Europe, castles seem to be located on every hilltop...Or near enough. Sometimes the inhabitants were neighbourly. But more often, those in the nearest castle were definitely enemies!

I really enjoyed making this one. Castles are really something I enjoy learning about.  I did get a comment from one of the men in this house (guess who?) about there being no way you could walk on the ramparts at the angle of some sections. I said 'That is the point! It is Ramshackle.' And indeed most of the castles you find are some sort of ruin...although it will be said most of their walls are still straight. 

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