Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Middling - oops

Oh dear.

When I put the extra strip along the side of these overlapping patches, I then trimmed it to near the size. Only ... I trimmed it to 15 in., which is the width for the long skinnies. Not the middling, which is 18in.
So, having got the machine quilting almost to the edge, I thought I would check the size... and found the problem.

Now, I have been making additions front, middle and back to get it up to size. And then adding more x's while watching tennis.
It sort of reminds me even more of the ones these red x's commemorate. They weren't considered 'normal', either. But still they didn't deserve to be done away with. 😢

So, my mis-measurements have given opportunity to remember even more of these precious people.

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