Saturday, 1 July 2017

Something on Saturday

As we were in Filey last week, I didn't post a cow.
But, I took a photo of an interesting one!

Cow 24
I said to my son. This is a bit confusing. It is dressed in a waistcoat and tie like a bull, but has udders.

He laughed at me...Nevermind that it is a cow standing up eating an ice cream.

Oh, yeah. small point.

And for today.

Cow 25

A Beswick Ayreshire Calf

Ok. this is spooky. I just did a Google search just to find out the breed of this calf and discover it is worth some money! Depending on who wants it. Hmm.
It was produced til late 70's. Perhaps I picked it up at a jumble sale or something? Or someone else did and gave it to me. I can't remember.

And some of my others show up on the search, too. I need to look at their tummies. I only knew this was Beswick when I went to take the photo.

Well, there we are!

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