Monday, 9 January 2017

The other bead project

I gave you a sneak peek with the dress on the dummy and then some of the beads being stitched on.

There is a big story that involved a lot of number crunching. But basically, I was inspired by the 70273 Project with the Red X's Jeanne Hewell-Chambers is using to commemorate disabled, elderly and sick people murdered by the Nazi regime in the days before they started the Holocaust pogroms. I really felt I wanted to do something similar to mark the individual women and children of Northern Nigeria who have been captured or abducted. As you recall, I mentioned this in the wearable art piece Tears for the Daughters of My People, though it's main focus was the abducted Chibok girls.

So after crunching quite a few numbers, I worked out that from 2011 the numbers came to something like 31 a month. (All of these numbers are approximates and I can't possibly tell you how I came up with the daily numbers I am commemorating because I can't remember!) As these tragedies still carry on now, this makes the 7th year. So, the jungle dress will have 7 marks per day throughout this year; the marks being like the crossing off of days seen on prison walls.

Rather than posting the progress every week, I will post a photo every month to show how the dress is eventually covered.
So, this is the first week. I expect to post the new photo near the beginning of each month.
And I will stitch it up, too!

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