Friday, 27 January 2017

70273 project and related events

I found that this week I just needed to stop the wheel and get off for a bit. Watched some telly with the Thoughtful Man, did some random jigsaws online, went down a rabbit hole following links from a few blogs and so on. I have been working right out straight on things for a long time. So this week I just did puttery things.

I wanted to mention the 70273 project. Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. There was a special celebration remembering these who were murdered under the Aktion T4 programme.
An interesting article on the BBC website
and even more interesting report on the special remembrance for the first time in the German Parliament.

Last Saturday, one of the demonstrators for the TVCT meeting couldn't come, so I thought it would be a good time to introduce the 70273 Project because I thought these ladies would be interested.
So, as the group was divided in 4 and then rotated around every so often, I had 4 different groups who were stitching the red x's on the white fabric I provided.
We made 45! and some have taken blocks home to work on and bring in May.
Some who are teachers are going to look into the project and get their children to make some (they don't have to be stitching, it can be pieces glued on.)

Ladies above top photo from left to right
Jacqueline Calcutt, Heather Brand,
next photo from left
Kate Nightingale, Gill Knight, Sarah Bond

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