Friday, 20 January 2017

Dreams of Sewing Dance in My Head

...otherwise known as Dancing with Sewing Machines.

Why? Because I had to give it a title before it was really started.

Anyway it is finished and on it's way to the Stretching Art and Tradition organiser in America.
The theme this time was Dream On.
This was the challenge: For Stretching Art and Tradition 18, Dream Big! Dream house, dream job, dream body, dream quilt - if dreams were reality, what dream would you have come true?  This year, complete a quilt 18" wide by 36" long using any technique you choose to represent your dream.

And for each one, we are challenged to honour SAT’s origins by identifying an area or technique of fibre arts that we would like to explore and incorporate that in our piece.

My challenge was actually getting it done with family death and extreme pain! But the official challenge was quilting using words. Not sure I was totally successful as I was thinking of my back more than the work!

But the statement about the quilt says:
Dreams of Sewing Dance in My Head
(Dancing with Sewing Machines)
One of the things I would love to do is to teach sewing to women who are marginalised in third world countries. I have friends in different African countries who support these women in developing skills. Sewing would be such a help to many of them. I have seen images of women dancing with joy when they receive a machine to use to set up a business.
However, at this point, it is a dream, a hope, a wish because I am just not well enough for the travel.

But as I can, I try to help in different ways. and also to make more work drawing attention to the issues.

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