Saturday, 14 January 2017

Something on Saturday

This past week we were in York again for a memorial service for my Mother-in-law at the care home where she stayed. It was quite lovely to hear the comments of some of the residents who knew her.

While we were with my sister-in-law, she gave me a cow she had picked up in a charity shop.
I have a bit of a cow collection. Not as much as I used to, I gave a lot of them to a charity shop because there were just too many. So, I really don't 'collect' anymore, but sometimes my sister-in-law gives me one.
I have kept some special ones and have a few humorous ones I like...not rude humour in case you are getting ideas. The one above I count as humorous.

I am trying to give myself a little more time for making. Also, Saturdays are sometimes quite busy with life things and I find my self scrambling around for something to post. Sooo, I just got the bright idea to post one of my cows on a Saturday. I can set the blog to post it on Saturday at a set time (like I do the beads on Sunday - another busy day). Then I can focus on working on something on a Saturday (in-between ironing and whatnot), or running one of my groups, without worrying if I have posted to the blog.

So here you are Cow 1. But they really won't be in any particular order, I just have to number them so I know where I am in my scheduling.
I see I have already got a 'cow' label, if you click there, you can see posts about a few small cow art pieces I have made. If you read through, you might even find out 'why?' about the cows.

Have fun.
PS don't send me a cow. 😛

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Margaret Cooter said...

That's a fun cow! And yes, collections can get toooooo big...