Friday, 23 September 2016

Well, interesting!

So, I thought the results for Round 2 of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee would be up tomorrow. But there was a message after tea tonight to go look.

AND...I got through with my draped indigo top!
One of the images I posted in the review showing where the fabric grain lines were to show how I used the bias. The markings of the indigo more or less followed the straight of grain. The larger marks were pretty much on the cross grain.

At hearing this good news, the not so great news I got yesterday about the cancellation of my workshop at the National Needlework Archive, became a positive! I had wondered when I would make the Round 3 project if I got through! So, when that is announced, I will at least have the time to see what I can do. Watch this space.

Today I went with 2 friends to Holme Grange Craft Village, which has little individual shops. A couple we used to like have shut down. But we did find enough to buy. And to sit in the "Can you believe it is the end of September?" sunshine to have some tea and cake.

And then to visit the chipmunks before we went home.
This one was always so busy I never got a full photo of him. He had a stash down under the earth at this point and frequently added to it, burying himself halfway in the earth!
This one was just watching from the edge of the nest box the whole time.

And I missed this one when he was up close eating.
So, had to do with a photo of him having a wash...which is why he hasn't got any hands in this photo!

Another attempt of the same one but he was just about to head somewhere else out of camera shot.
I always find it intriguing that chipmunks are considered pets like hamsters here. Where I grew up, they were a common woodland animal like squirrels.

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