Tuesday, 20 September 2016

On the bias - Ripples and Swirls

Following the teaser...
I mentioned the other day that I had got through to round 2 on the Pattern Review Sewing Bee. So, Round 2 was to do a garment that is on the bias.

So, I had the idea of a stripe something, with different directions for each piece. But when I put the fabric on the dummy to get an idea if it would work, I swiftly saw I could drape it on the stand! Wow. and besides, this would work for the SAQA Call for entry in November for H2Oh!

The fabric is Linen with a woven windowpane check. I had dyed it using shibori methods in an indigo workshop a few years ago. I didn't want to just cut a boring garment from it, I wanted to showcase it. So, now was the time.

Development of the draping...


I used tucks and pleats to keep the fabric on the bias as it swirled round the figure.

Then I needed a way to try it on. So I placed my bodice pattern over the armhole area and cut it out, making sure to add seam allowance. Later I added cap sleeves.

And the final top -

To read more of the details of the making, you can read the review here.

I may do a bit more to it for the H2Oh! call. Not that it needs it! But I am thinking about adding some beads or something collected in some of the ripples/swirls.

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