Monday, 5 September 2016

Shorts in Turquoise

I am using the Pattern Review Sewing Bee contest for motivation to make a pair of summer shorts. You can watch the gallery at that link as it fills up. The deadline for this round is the 7th September.
Yes, summer is on it's way out. But sometimes I am told to bring shorts for physio sessions. So, I want something that I don't feel ridiculous in.
Whether I will get it entered in time, who knows. But it is a motivation.

I thought I may as well see what a muslin/trial pair of trousers I did a few years ago looked like now. I thought I could take the clues and change for something that works now. But! they actually fit! So, I have been just making some changes to the pattern that will suit shorts. I want them a bit looser at the hem than the trouser pattern is at that point.

Also I have drafted the front to have pockets somewhat like for jeans. and the back will have a yoke like jeans.
The main body of the shorts will be from a fine wale corduroy in turquoise. I will be using the fabric with the batik ovals for in the back of the pocket. maybe some piping? like on the yoke seam? but I will see how that goes. But if they turn out nice, I might wear them for more than just physio sessions! So the turquoise will match most of my summer blouses.

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