Wednesday, 21 September 2016

An artist private view

SO, I got to wear my draped Ripple and Swirl top this evening when we went to Jane Glennie's degree show. I knew I was going, but didn't think about it being a perfect outing for the top till today.

Jane has an installation at the Swan Gallery at Kingston Uni. Tea + Scones Drive Thru.

This sign changed with sayings about having a cup of tea as well as promoting her event...
I can't go on Saturday, but she is actually doing Tea and Scones!
Little tables set up
at the back of the 'cafe'
the shelf with cups that say T+S.

The cups were donated by friends. Jane sandblasted the glaze in such a way as to leave the shape of the letters. So, if you looked carefully, you could recognise a cup. I saw one I gave to her which I had really liked, but the picture on it had become very faded in the dishwasher. So, now it has a new life!

Jane also did an installation in front of the Stanley Picker gallery across the road using her dress and blanket from our 'Worn Threads' exhibition.
She used them for a performance event she did wearing the dress at Windsor Great Park - Statue end of the Long Walk.
Just in front there is a bit of burnt wood part of the remains of the building and firing of one of the beacons for the Queen's 90th birthday, which was taking place around the time of her performance.

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