Saturday, 25 June 2016

Something on Saturday

How do you sort at a time. Here are 3 from Our holiday in Switzerland.

Interesting card on the bed...
No, we never had them change it!

First dinner...we were given a discount card for dinner. So, after checking out the menu prices, decided to go for it. But then were guided to a different part for the discount...
This x 2, my dear friends, plus bread rolls and a soft drink came to over 60CHF! With the discount! Without, it would have been well over 100CHF.

Yes, the asparagus with cheese was lovely, but not that lovely! With normal sliced ham? even if it did have a pansy on it.
So, I ate the pansy.
I am normally not a 'foodie' but, for that price, I took a photo.

So, out with the plans to have our posh dinner in St. Gallen. We should have asked for the leftover sliced ham for a packed lunch.

It was quite a shock to discover the cost of things there. But, they were really proud of their fresh water from the Zürichsee (Lake Zürich). So proud, that they had fountains all over the city. Each one different.
The tourist website says: Zürich has the most fountains of any city in the world with approx. 1,200 drinking water fountains.

This one was 'Different'. But free.

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