Tuesday, 21 June 2016

2000! and more of Golden Grace

So, I have just passed my 2000 post! The last month or so I have been rather patchy with posting, but I got there in the end.

I mentioned yesterday that the Gown has a proper name now. Golden Grace. I frantically got back to sewing when I returned last week and was able to get the gown to the point where it would Look like the final product. Took photos and sent them off to be used in the catalogue.
So, a few lace motifs need the netting trimmed away and a few need to be stitched down better. The sleeves are draped and pinned into place and 'just' need stitched in position.
The lining is sewn, but only added at the neck, so I could turn the raw edges to the inside. However, it is pinned into place, rather than edge-stitched, and just sort of hanging inside!
So, now that I have had a breather (not! I have been typing up proposals for workshops and all sorts!) I will get back to the finishings...well, as soon as I get the flags cut for the bull for the Engage! with Art event. And there is the matter of sewing on enough pearls to make it look special.
Oh, and I'd really like to do a bit of quilting on it...and...

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