Wednesday, 1 June 2016

More weaving on sticks

Since I really liked the result of the weaving with weaving sticks I did last week, I decided to have a go with some fancy yarn I got quite some time ago at a charity shop.
One 100gm skein makes this much. It isn't double, like the fancy yarns I used last time, so not so thick. That is fine, because the extra fuzz on the yarn gives it thickness while still being supple.

I used slippery yarn for warp (even though Carolyn advised against it!) because I didn't have any yarn that played well with this fuzzy kind. So, you can just see that I am using a hair grip to keep the yarn from slipping right down and unwinding. I move the hair grip down from time to time as it grows. This will be longer because I want to make a skinny scarf from it.

The blue bit you can see took me about 3 hours.

Oh, and I think I will wash it before wearing so my neck doesn't look like this!

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