Friday, 3 June 2016

Golden gown

Or that is what I am calling it for now.

Deadline has been moved forward for due for 15th June. Oh. and I am not available all of next week. Oh. and I hadn't sorted the pattern, let alone cut it out!

So, right out straight the past couple days and I am about finished cutting out. The green bit may not come into it. Sometimes something is an inspiration but then it goes back in the cupboard to inspire something else another day.
I couldn't pattern match to my preference because of the amount of silk I have. So, I am overlaying lace on some of the panels, which will take care of the pattern matching.

Tomorrow I am going to start sewing to see where I get to. If I can get the basic garment done for the little photo going into the brochure, I can then add any embellishments after the photos as long as I keep them subtle. The silk speaks for itself, really.

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