Tuesday, 12 April 2016


The wedding gown I am altering had wide lace straps which really did nothing for the gown and swamped the small young lady who will wear it.
So, she wanted spaghetti straps. I thought about cord, because it looks elegant and I wasn't sure I could find fabric to match. However, just one strand would look a little like someone added straps to a strapless. We liked the look of two strands twisted, more than 3 braided, which was a bit too heavy looking.

BUT, getting two strands twisted to stay twisted nicely was another thing.

I tried stitching the 2 together with a rayon thread that blended in. But the result was very stiff and not really twisted.
So, I tried a sort of plait but using that rayon thread that blends. It works quite well.
I had to make 3 to get it to the point where 2 of them 'matched'. So, the whole procedure took quite a bit of time, but I have the end result of the journey to remember for any future time I want a similar look.

Of course they will look better altogether when on the gown on the person!

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