Saturday, 2 April 2016

Something on Saturday

It was windy and drizzly, but here is what we did last Saturday...
This is one way our church tries to give to the community. A smile and a cheerful 'Happy Easter!'. An offer of chocolate or hot cross bun (at Christmas it is Christmas biscuit or mince pie) or sweets. This year we also had fancy pens with a silicone nib for using with a smart phone or tablet. You could still use them when clicked for regular writing.

This year we were without the 'balloon man' as they were not back from holiday. So, that became my job. I brought a tall stool to perch on so I could pop up and down when we sighted families. (Not being very good at standing for several hours.)
However, with the weather and Easter break, not many people brought children out. But the pen's were popular with the dad's and a few mums.

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