Tuesday, 5 April 2016

St Petersburg chain

St Petersburg chain...Finished!
Well at least it is over a metre. I may do the double version. Which means the same again, but joined up along the length. If I do, I will reverse the colours - light purple core colour and greenish blue as accent - to make it more interesting as a trim. But it wasn't the funnest thing to do, so I will go back to it later in the year.

The not fun part may have something to do with the colour choice. I sort of picked out packets of beads I had a lot of. Perhaps why I have a lot is because I am not naturally drawn to use them? Anyway, the packets don't seem any smaller!

1 comment:

Margaret Cooter said...

If it's not fun, why repeat it? Life is short!

But if you've identified WHY it's not fun, and can change that ... well, at least have a go!

I speak as someone who has abandoned many books at page 16, or 83, because they were Not Fun...