Friday, 1 April 2016

And another finish

The pieces for the SAQA Benefit Auction don't need to be submitted just now, but if you want a chance for the piece to be included on promotional brochures, then you needed it in by 1 April.

At first I thought that meant by midnight 31 March. And yesterday I was struggling with the Ramshackle piece I wanted to submit. I got it nearly done, but there were issues. I couldn't get green chalk (that I use to mark out the features before cutting them) out of an obvious place on the front of the house. Also, I had oiled my machine before starting. In spite of running it and clearing out all of the lint, somehow some had eluded me and was brought up in an oil soaked lump which was stitched to the back. Not nice. I got the lint off, but somehow it had marked the back of the piece.

So, I decided to start again and, to make it meaningful, record how long it really does take me to make this size Ramshackle.
(3 hours to get to the same place I was before.)
Then I realised I wouldn't get the binding done by bedtime because we had a meeting on here. However, I did find out that the deadline really and truly was 1 April. So, I have done the finishing today. (But forgot to measure the time!)

So, here is the new improved model. The house is bigger and the composition a bit better.

Ramshackle Place


I wanted to see how stripes worked for the background. Not sure really. Jury is out on that. But I did like turning the stripes sideways for the 'shades' in the windows.

And I really like the way the gathered trees on the right turned out. and also the little clumps in the 'grass' area. I have usually done x or + shapes. This time I cut round 3 circles which created a sort of clover shape.

Now to parcel it up to arrive there before 1 June. I think I can do that.

As for the other one:
I may take out the stitches of the green chalk house and replace it with a new one. And at the same time put a label or something over the mark on the back. And then see what to do with it from there...not sure if it can be elevated from seconds or not.

Could possibly be something like a pot holder? Ha.

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