Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Busy week

Monday I worked on the wedding gown hem. It needs taking up at least in front. So, removing the galloon lace to re-site it further up meant taking off some embellishments and then unstitching minute invisible thread stitching in some places and normal stitching in others.

Yesterday I delivered Lilac and Lace to Lady Sew and Sew for display during Henley Arts Trail this coming weekend.

Today I have been fusing fabric to begin another Ramshackle. I want to go bigger. I have 2 yards of the top fabric. I did buy an even bigger piece yesterday, but this piece comes first. If I manage it, then I might attempt the bigger one. If not, I might do something like a triptych with it.

Tomorrow I am going to the National Needlework Archive with a few others to take down the Worn Threads Exhibition.

Friday? Probably begin cutting the Ramshackle. I may not show much about it though, because I am toying with the idea of entering a few shows later in the year that would prefer that images are fresh when the show opens. We will see.

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