Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Worn Threads Exhibition

The last few weeks have been interesting and busy with the Worn Threads exhibition...which also translates as weariness for me. So, I haven't been able to spend much time computering or blogging.
I am so glad for the team who helped with getting the show organised and hanging up.
I did get some photos of the Worn Threads work when we had finished hanging it at Lady Sew and Sew last week.

This is a bit from the back of our catalogue about our group.
I think we had around 30 artists involved for this exhibition. Lady Sew and Sew have developed part of their warehouse into a Workshop/gallery space - shifting from one to the other. They are hoping to do more exhibitions. The space is a little eclectic, with uplighters and doors to contend with, but with the variety of work we have from our group, we worked out places for everything.

A few overall photos here.

You can see my piece based on a Kamlaika to the left beyond the red dress.

Each item was inspired by a garment or accessory.

Some of the stories about the inspiration garments are really moving.

Jane Glennie designed a wonderful catalogue.

She also put an image of the inspiration garment
on the card with the artists name.

You can visit the exhibition:
Lady Sew and Sew in Henley-on-Thames, Thursday, 4th February to Monday, 22 February. Weekdays 10am until 4pm

And some individual photos tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

Hello Sandy

I see that you mention a catalogue for the Exhibition. Will i be available to us?

Well done & thanks for all your hard work.

Best wishes