Saturday, 27 February 2016

more on the Refugee piece

Apologies for neglecting you! This week has been a bit full of things. I have been working on this and have been taking photos, but haven't had time to sort the photos for the blog.

Anyway. The small figures and the large figures were stitched down.
Then the cutting away began.

Here is the side with the 'brush strokes' revealed.
I was so pleased to see it because I had selected that particular rust dyed piece because of the rust markings.

And here is the background cut away from behind the large figure...
which can be the start of another piece!

Then the cutting away of the smaller figures.
This side was easier.

Then I did a sample and decided to brave cutting away from the large figure to reveal the backside of each small figure.
So, I have managed a double-sided after all! Some of the cut out small figures have retained enough of a recognisable shape to also use for another piece. So, I will be thinking about that and incorporating some of the thoughts I had whilst making this piece.

I think I am going with rust figure/black background as the front, should it be displayed one-sided.

I trimmed up the sides a bit and will scrub it a bit so the edge won't be a blunt stop. I had to trim as some of the fabric edge still had a selvedge, so would not do the fraying I want.

I need to make a hanging sleeve for it. I will add a bit to the top that is light coloured on the light side and black on the black side. Then it will blend and be part of the background.

There is a little bit I am working on with a bit of hand stitch if I have time. Monday is the deadline, though, so that will have to make me be restrained! I will need to get good photos and fill in the entry form then as well! But somehow I am not stressed about it because I have several other options for this piece if it doesn't get done in time or doesn't get accepted.

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Maggi said...

I'm glad that you have options for this piece as it would be a pity if it were to lose its effectiveness due to unnecessary deadlines.