Monday, 22 February 2016


I talked about the progression of this work last week. But the issue I had looming in the back of my mind was hanging. These fabrics, back to back, do not have the stiffness you would have for a 3 layered quilt. They are pretty drapy.

When I tried seeing how this would hang...yes. my predictions were confirmed. The sack carried by the large figure would flop because nothing was holding it up.

I had begun to try an idea back when I was developing the look on the rust side of the large figure. I put a piece of the black fabric behind the head of the figure.
But a certain young man, who serves as my advisory committee, being asked about the little figures, declared it looked like her head was chopped off!

Here I tried it again with rust behind the figure in black.

To me, it seemed good, but not quite enough. So, I used another piece of rusted fabric to create a background.
It looked rather bare. Bleak I wanted, but it was too stark. So, more figures were needed. I had cut a pattern of these figures, but hadn't cut them out like the others.
I played with arrangements again, using just the paper patterns. and then cut them out.

But the little girl with the goods on her back was cut out facing the wrong way! So, this is where we are now.

I have pinned and tacked pieces in place so I can stitch them.

I am a bit sad to give up a piece that is shaped and not made into a rectangle. But that is where you work in a series. I can work another piece using that concept and other things I have learned from this piece.

However, I haven't given up on double-sided - yet! So watch this space to see how or if I can manage it.

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