Monday, 15 February 2016

A bit of perspective on the beaded fabric squares

The other day Kathy asked about the black beaded fabric squares for this year's project.
" I can't tell in the photos -- are the central beads stitched on individually or in a standing loop? give us a side view next time you post some."

She also commented about these being made into pins. So, I realised I needed to show something alongside for scale. and also a side view.

Here is the step where I begin to do the centre section.
(At first I was doing this after beading the edge of 2 sides. But it is easer to do the 3 sides that need containing...the foldy bits have a way of wanting to escape round the the centre and then go on to finish the side without foldy bits sticking out.)

Next is a photo of the first side
I put the bead/sequin pattern on the thread, laid it down to check where they ended. Then I pushed the needle through...

... to the other side. I put the alternate bead/sequin pattern on the thread and stitch into the layers of fabric...
...and come back to the corner through the layers of fabric.

I have used a penny (British!) to show the scale. As you can see, they would make very small pins! Since they are 1cm square without the beaded edge, they would probably make better earrings.

Hope that helps get an idea!

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365 Dresses said...

I was wondering how these were made! Thanks for explaining your process. There is quite a collection of beads---do you store them in a ways that displays them all?