Saturday, 30 January 2016

Something on Saturday - Another Trim Sample

Yesterday I found that I could listen to Andy Murray's late evening game in Australia while it was still morning here.

So, being as the something I needed to do required more brains than I have left when I am fretting over his coming back from 2 sets down, I decided to pick up the next beaded trim idea and have a go.

This is called a St. Petersburg Chain.*

Not too hard once you get started. The amber bead is a tension bead. Something to hold onto while you are getting started. Then you can untie it and weave the thread in. I will leave it on til I finish because then I won't have to look for where I have put it! I like having the contrast.

*Why, I don't know. The instructions were on a leaflet from the Bead Guild. I suppose you are meant to make a necklace or bracelet, but as I have mentioned previously, I am making up approx. 1 metre of these sample beading stitches to have to use as possible trim on my fantastical garments.

PS Andy Murray won that match and is through to the final. Oh, but that is against Djokovic, so you possibly know the outcome for that. But, there is always hope.

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