Saturday, 9 January 2016

Finally a finish

Having a break is a good thing. But you do get to the point where you just want to get something done! Not that I have been having a full break, I have been working on the daily project and the samples....and the Worn Threads and the Stretching Art! But little bits at a time because that has been all I can manage.
Anyway, there we are. So, this week I got the even weave peyote sample finish. At a certain point I had decided to make a choker from it. So, I was getting it to be long enough.
However, since this was a sample - first go at it - the tensions were all over the place! Sometimes the band was thinner than others. Some of that had to do with the white striped beads which are not regular like some of the more quality type of beads. So, thinner beads produced a thinner band.

And so I figured the irregularities would be less noticeable when worn as a choker. And I could put the circular peyote sample piece over the join! I stitched a small hook and eye to lay hidden under the circle. The eye is on the end of the row (perhaps you can spot it on the laid out photo.) and the hook is stitched with the other end on the other side of the circle.

I thought the weight of the circle piece at the front would keep it in place. Where as a plain choker with the join at the back could twirl around because nothing was keeping it in place.
And here it is on Madame.

Not particularly the sort of thing I would wear. And the colours are very specific. But I would wear it for special events at Christmas. So, in the meantime, Madame can model it. Hopefully it will not grow so familiar that I totally forget when it comes to next Christmas!


Maggi said...

A good idea to add the extra weight at the front. Definitely a great piece of jewellery for Christmas

365 Dresses said...

Love this! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who can have something in full display and then forget about it when Christmas rolls around! Maybe we should all remind you?