Tuesday, 5 January 2016

London - New Year 2016

Hard to believe it is already 5 days into the New Year!

Each new year the Thoughtful Man and I like to watch the fireworks in London on the telly. Generally we watch something else - even a DVD and then switch to the fireworks.
Also, each year I try to get photos. Last year I finally found the fireworks setting on my camera. and it works for photographing them on telly as well. So, this year I tried to get a variety of the views they showed.
Sort of speak for themselves.

I think it is cool to see all the phones held up by people in the crowd to get their own photos.

I love the silhouettes of the buildings in the foreground.

And then a view across London.

All the while nice and warm at home!

Mind you, we went to bed not long after. But were up again soon because the dog was making noises about something we all heard. It ended up she was wanting to get out the window at what she thought was a cat - compiled with the fact that we rushed down to see if she was okay! She gets seizures, so we thought the noise and then her squeaking was one of those. I think, though, that it was next door getting home late.

I have begun to get back to a working schedule, but I wanted to show these photos. I haven't been on the computer much, so hadn't been able to sort them yet for the blog.
Yes, a very lot of money going up in smoke. But this year I was glad that plots were foiled in different places and that encourages me for the year ahead.


Maggi said...

Lovely photos. I didn't see any celebrations this year as I don't live on the top of a hill any more. I also wasn't aware of any plots, obviously something they kept quiet about in our area.

Linda M said...

Love the photos. I never manage to stay up late enough to see the actual fireworks.