Saturday, 2 January 2016


We visited my Mother-in-law this week. She is in York, but in the north part of the city, so the flooding wasn't a problem for her or for us getting there.
One of our friends here had done flowers for church. Often when she knows we are going to see Mum, she does them with her in mind...even thought she hasn't ever met her. Just recently they exchanged Christmas cards for the first time, so Mum wanted me to get a photo of her with the flowers so I can show Jan.

I hadn't realised until I sorted the photo that Mum's cardigan and top matched the freesias!


365 Dresses said...

Your friend does a beautiful job of arranging the flowers! Is she a professional? You MIL looks so pleased, too. Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

Hi Jeannie,
Actually my friend, Jan, has MS and gets around in a motorised wheel chair. I think she must have done flower arranging sometime in the past, but she is always going on about how badly she has done them! She is very self-doubting about herself and her abilities, but does such amazing things.
Jan has a swatch book from when she used to make costumes for TV and Film. Mostly British actors/actresses, but some Big Names. She has a swatch of fabric from a shirt she made for Clark Gable!

Maggi said...

What a lovely photograph. So glad that she has not been affected by the floods.