Friday, 29 January 2016

Ramshackle: Hilltop

For the SAQA auction at their upcoming Conference I knew the entry time was sometime soon, and then I saw a date for 6th Feb.
So I hurried to get to this yesterday so I could get it in the post. I went with some of my familiar styles, just adding one or two new things, like the shades in the windows. So it wasn't difficult to make up a 6x8in piece in a day. (It will be matted, so the visible size will be 4 1/2 x 6 1/2in.)

Ramshackle: Hilltop
Another in my Ramshackle series about neighbourhood and community.
Who lives at the top of the hill?
Does anyone live below?
Are they alone?

Then I found the 'be there' deadline is the 13th. The entry deadline is the 6th. Still, as I posted it today, it should get there with plenty of time for getting lost in the post and making a new one.
I hope it gets there with no problem! The first version of last year's piece was never found.

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Maggi said...

Another nice piece in the series. It seems amazing that last year's never turned up, even though you were told it had arrived back in the UK.